There may be times when care expectations are unmet. Learn about common home care challenges that might be encountered and tools and strategies for dealing with them.

What is the problem or challenge?

In most cases, home care services are provided by multiple care providers. Home care agencies cannot guarantee the same care providers for each care visit. New or changing care providers can create challenges for building good rapport and communication.

How does this impact caregivers?

Caregivers may need to describe the needs of the person being cared for to new care providers.This can be time consuming, and take away from time spent completing errands or taking time for self-care.

Why does this problem exist?

Home care agencies may be unable to assign consistent care staff due to limited availability, or schedule care at specific times of the day.
Having consistent care staff is ideal, however this may take time.

What can I do about this problem?

Try the tools below to help with meeting new care providers:


Adapting to New or Changing Care Staff