What is a home care team?

Home care is often provided by a team of health care providers. Each health care provider has unique skills, knowledge, roles, and responsibilities, working together to provide comprehensive care.
Potential benefits of home care teams:
  • Care can be received for different needs
  • Complex patients have their needs addressed by various providers with special training
  • A larger care team can offer comprehensive support (physical, mental, emotional) for the person receiving care
The members of a home care team will depend on the needs of the person receiving care. For example, not all home care clients will require a Speech Language Pathologist or a Registered Dietitian.
Care Coordinators will assess the needs of the person receiving care and determine what services and providers are needed. If receiving services over a longer period of time, and as care needs change, reassessments are completed.

Watch the video below to learn about the members of Ruth and Daniel’s care team.

  • Ruth is a 71-year old woman who lives alone at home. Her son Daniel lives close-by and helps care for her.
  • Ruth and Daniel meet with a Care Coordinator from a home care agency. The Care Coordinator assigns Ruth an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Community Nurse, and Personal Support Worker.
  • Ruth receives care from these providers in her home so she is able to live safely with help from her son.
In the next article you can create a custom list of the members of your home care team, or just learn about the various home care providers and what they do.


Home Care Teams