Why is bone health important?

As we age, our bones have a harder time recovering and rebuilding. Weak bones are often not noticed until a broken bone or other injuries occur, commonly as a result of a fall.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis causes a thinning and weakening of bones. This makes falls and some daily tasks more dangerous because they can lead to broken bones or injuries.

How to maintain bone health?

Exercise is the most important thing you can do to promote bone health and prevent injuries. The following types of exercise are especially important for maintaining bone health and preventing falls and broken bones:
  • Strength Exercises
  • Balance Exercises
  • Posture Exercises - These help you keep proper posture and stops the hunching of the back/neck
For those who are new to exercise or have recently broken a bone, look at these helpful resources:

Helpful Resources

For more information about Osteoporosis and how to maintain bone health, visit www.osteoporosis.ca.


Bone Health