Did you know…?


1 in 4 older adults fall each year making falls the leading cause of hospitalizations among older adults. Luckily, most falls are preventable!


Tips for preventing falls at home:

  • Do balance exercises every day.
  • Wear non-slip shoes that fit well and have a back. Avoid slip-on footwear around the house like sandals and some slippers.
  • Remove tripping hazards (e.g., rugs, mats, electrical cords).
  • Get routine vision checks. Wear glasses or contact lenses if needed.
  • Check with a doctor or pharmacist to see if your medications may increase the risk of falling.

What should you do if you fall?

  • Sit or stand slowly. If you are in pain, or have difficulty getting up, call for help and stay still. Move very carefully in case you are injured.

  • Make note of the date, time of day, and events that led up to the fall. For example, you tripped over something, or you were feeling dizzy before you fell.

  • Inform a family member, friend, and/or a caregiver. It is important to share that you have fallen even if you are not injured.

  • Talk to your doctor and other members of your health team.

  • If falls continue, talk to your health care team about options including medication changes, and mobility aids (e.g., cane, walker, wheelchair).

Fall Prevention


Fall Prevention