What is an active lifestyle?

An active lifestyle means incorporating movement into everyday tasks. For example, household tasks like vacuuming and yard work, social activities like walking groups and fitness classes, or exploring interests that involve movement like gardening or dancing. An active lifestyle can help maintain mobility, improve mental health, and help connect friends and family.

Completing household tasks


Social activities and fitness classes



Tips for staying active
  • Start slow — Any amount of physical activity can help improve health - even 10 to 20 minutes a day!
  • Participate in activities that you enjoy and that fit your lifestyle — Think about activities you currently enjoy, or enjoyed doing at other times in your life. Can these activities be adapted or added to your routine?
  • Mix it up! — Find a variety of physical activities that are enjoyable.
  • Invite a friend or family member to join.
  • Reduce time spent sitting — Take a moving break every hour. This will keep your body from getting stiff and help you stay active.
  • Schedule time for movement daily.
  • Do what you can — Schedules, availability, energy levels, and pain might change day-to-day. Be flexible with yourself!


Maintaining an Active Lifestyle