What is it?

The Check-Up Assessment is a questionnaire to help you understand your current health and social needs or the needs of the person you care for.
How can it help me?
  • Identify health concerns to discuss with healthcare professionals.

  • Track and monitor your health changes over time

Who should complete the Check-Up?
  • Caregivers

  • Older adults living with chronic disease

Watch the video below to learn how Winona and her daughter use the Check-Up Assessment to address Winona's current health concerns.
  • Winona is a 72-year-old woman living with Parkinson’s disease who lives alone in her two storey home.
  • Winona has difficulty walking around her home and had falls that led to a hospital admission and an emergency department visit.
  • Winona’s daughter, Pat, who does not live close by, is concerned about her mother’s wellbeing. She decides to complete the Check-Up Assessment with Winona over the phone.
  • The Check-Up identified areas where Winona’s health and wellbeing may be at risk. She shared her health summary with her family healthcare provider who suggested care options including a referral to a geriatrician, physiotherapy, and home care services.


Check-Up Assessment